As usual, the banker of the company should be happy to see that the players on the gambling table are gambling against each other. Anyway, there is a commission for betting on the bank. The gamblers will kill themselves. Why not? The truth is really not so simple. Everyone knows that Baccarat has only two channels: bankers and players. Players are optimistic about it. It is also a dead end preset by the company’s bankers. If both bankers and players have bets, is there no way for the company’s bankers to go. It can only reveal the plan of the company’s bookmaker, which turns out to be a good way for players to make a profit. The deduction from strategy is a stumbling block that hinders the advancement of the company’s bookmaker [money]. It will try to clear the gambling door, so the gaming table If the amount of betting is not large, you must resist the rash match. There is an 80% chance of being annihilated by the company’s banker. On the contrary, if the betting amount is not large, the table game will be played more than five times. If you place a bet, you can quickly calculate the total amount of the banker and player’s betting, and choose the door with the smaller bet amount to bet (slowly the last bet). The only condition cannot be changed due to your own betting. The ratio of banker-to-play betting turned out to be a counterproductive game. Perhaps this shop is not as good as it wants to be killed, but the end is still more often than not. With the backing of the company’s bookmaker, there is no reason why it is not cheap. There is another phenomenon. If it happens, the company’s bookmaker pursues and kills a specific high-roller, and it is necessary to reverse the betting on bribes. You can suspend the calculation of the chips on the table, or stop betting on the second shop, and observe whether it is the result of the strategy, and then choose to bet.

Playing baccarat is the most unpredictable number of ways for bankers and idlers. Players have no way of knowing whether the road ahead is the company’s banker or the gambler making a profit. It must be difficult to find a way to make money by relying on the word banker and idler. For example, the three-gear baccarat provided by the Jiuli Casino, the banker has a detailed and complete announcement of the points every time it spreads, how much can understand the previous battle situation, betting will not hit the nails, blame the Jiuli Casino that has to be eye-catching, There are three gambling tables with three male baccarats, and playing baccarat is worse than blind people’s elephants, because they can’t touch the sides, let alone find the way. Fortunately, there are players in the situation of gambling, which can make up for the strategy. Weaknesses in planning, clear one’s position, and which side to fall to, will be beneficial to the victory of playing baccarat.

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